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by DisturbiaX • 25 Posts

Since I had some problems with leveling too, here is my Guide!

The Beginning-Quest

You have made your Character, and your in the Middle of Juno.
You see a big Monster in front of you.
You accept the quest and go to the Arena.
You succed the Quest and go to the Title Quester.
You make the Quests and get your EQ behind you.

Level 100 to 130

Okay, you got the Teleporter and move to the Ebony Mine.
There you kill Commanders with EXP-Boosters and PBI's.
It take less than 1 PBI


130 to 140

You move to Juno's Teleporter again.
Than you choose "Misty Canyon".
Go through the whole Canyon killing mobs etc.
Kill the mobs near the Shaman to get the 126+ Armor and Weapon.
Don't die, hihi :).

140 to 185

Wow, you first start leveling in Juno.
Go outside near the Arena.
These Mobs are level 179+ but don't get in Panic.
Use your Titels and skill all your skills.
Mobs will get down easily.
But don't forget to use PBI and EXPB!
Kill the mobs called "FamouZ" and move right over the bridge.

185 to 201

Your near the LevelCap.
Go outside Merac on the left near the Magican.
Kill all the Mobs until ur level 195.
Then move back to the City and go out the other way to the sea.
There are Fenzys and Berserker, kill them until ur level 201!


Congratualions, you reached the LevelCap.
Go back to Juno and get ur armor!

Hope it's okay.
Have fun Leveling,


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RE: [HowTo] Level

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by [LadyGM]Peach • 36 Posts

Very nice guide :)
PM ME when you coming on Forum :)


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RE: [HowTo] Level

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by leobaicu • 27 Posts

At 195 i recomand instead of going to frenzys or barsekers u should go to highlanders(lvl 200).And to dont have to teleport that much u can kill only jaguars or Famouz(u still got 100% cast)untill u make 180 then go merac and kill outside untill u are 201.U dont lose cube so many times :).But still nice Guide.

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