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by [GS-FR] Maxi • GameSage | 14 Posts

First About Me
* Name: Maxi P.

*I am a Girl

* InGame Name: CranKWeeD

* Location: Berlin City / Germany

* My * Age 02.21.1991 i 22

* Languages: English German France

* Hobbies: swimming, football, computer

I am a very likeable person, the very humorous
be I am a very ambitious and
decent person. That is, I mean good work
want to do. If something is not perfect or I running
Will make mistakes, I will take this criticism objectively
and I try to improve. I do not see it as an attack
my personality but as a further drive to work.
Still, I'm not perfect. My favorite saying is * you learn from mistakes *
I ask you to consider this, it would be very nice if people take me
are congenial and nice. They should also be to some extent,
Have understanding for other people (for example their fault).
Overall, a good working environment is optimal.
I would also very much about you, you can also freuen.Natürlich
realize my confidence sein.Ich will not abuse my rights
Loyal and his team over. This is very important for me


* Team player

* Very Active 6-8hh/7days

* Sufficient experience

* Can keep a cool head

* Sufficient Spelling

* Capable criticism

* Adaptable

* Ambitious

* Höfflicher tone

* Helpful / Nett

3.Online times

Monday [16-22 o'clock]
Tuesday [15-22 o'clock]
Wednesday [15-22 o'clock]
Thursday [15-22 o'clock]
Friday [15-late]
Saturday [15 - open end]
Sunday [15-22 o'clock]

Previous Last Chaos Server:

* Last Chaos Ger / Usa / Eternia : 155 Knight / 165 Night Shadow

* Last Chaos 777: 165 Nightschadow

* Last Chaos Destiny: 225 Knight / 225 Night Shadow Assa / 225 Titan / 225 Mage / Sorc / 225

* Last Chaos Devile: 201 Knight

* CrewLC Ep1 all chars on LvLCap

My knowledge & experience!

At first I was really small and unknown to Hamachi servers, Game Master.
There I got a lot of good advice from other GMs along the way.
It was a very rich experience and great time.
Here I also learned different codes by heart. If I had a time code does not know
I can look at my own folder. This is also a great support for me
since many members are impatient.
Well am on the Hamachi servers and have not noticed my job well done.
Overall, I was on Hamachi servers, 4 times Gamemaster.
But after a time I had no desire.
I wanted to do more than petition. Then I applied to root servers.
I was lucky and I did not notice this at the beginning.
But unfortunately, I've caught the wrong team. There were people
simply wanted to make money (my opinion).
Since I will not lie, I will tell you the story.
Other team members have thought by some rumor
I would say bad things about them. But this was not true,
because I trust and loyalty very close to my heart.
I got fired and had to go. Either way I knew
that the server will have no future. Of course, this occurred.
If you take away this moment,
I've still done my job well.
I have never noticed extreme.
Also, I have offended in any situation the team.
I discuss only factual.
It's just fun to me Supporten other and help.
I am not (be boring after a while anyway) on the rights of,
but I want to help the players and just do my part,
that the server is running.
Also here you will put your heart into something.
You have to get used to at the beginning of the server.
You need to learn a certain time everything.
It would also be very nice if I have a person who
the time to help me in my TGM and I answered questions.
If you still have any questions, you can ask me to you via private message.

Why do I want to be aGM ?

-The question I can answer easily and quickly,
I'm not the type who wants to brag about GS or do to cool.
I want WITH the GM title to help people really need help. For the gamers to be there
GMS are times when other employees or have no time
at the Buffs help since I'm often online.

And of course with any questions, suggestions, I am happy all the gamers around the clock available.

What can I do / and with Bring:

* i can all commands DB / game.
* Learn're already several years, the world of private server

I hope you guys could convince with this application, and would be glad if I would come into the team,
if it is not the case, I'd like to hear some feedback because of the application

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by [GS-FR] Maxi • GameSage | 14 Posts


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by fkdees • 6 Posts

O: They won't read so long story, tho. :D BTW I liek yo nickname :)

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by [GS-FR] Maxi • GameSage | 14 Posts

:D Ty :D

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RE: GM Application

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by [GS-FR] Maxi • GameSage | 14 Posts

#push admin talk me pls back

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by [GM]Carnix • 54 Posts

I read all what she said and I dont regret !
I say to give her a change as GS first . And if she do good job maybe adm will make her GM .

- GS xXPvPXx

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by [GS-FR] Maxi • GameSage | 14 Posts

Why talk adm no men here back >.<

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