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Hello Community,
Our servers are now online! You can download the new client from Download section of main site.
Here the new changes:
- Levelcap 175 (for some days, we will implement fastly to 185)
- New Titles added: Bad Karma Assassin, King of Constitution, Big Boss and CrewLC Dominator
- Upgrade rate has been changed to 70%.
- Merchant system (at level 50) to be able to resell some shop items so if you want are able to sell all item, at level 50 you need to buy the skill Merchant (on Juno).
- All Mobs fixed on all maps.
- EXP rate x50.
- SP rate x75.
- DROP rate x50.
- New PET added (Pophenian and Eagle).
- Jaguar, Bear, Lizards are now full available.
- Affinity System added (you can fully use this on next days)
- New Quests added.
- Item Shop changed and implemented more items.


- You need to farm SP for have all skill, so you can choose to farm SP at Prokyon (Dratan) or Arch Linch (Lust Trum - Egeha).
- For exp it's simple (Kill mob Juno/Dratan/Tomb, ecc...) - You can choose if you prefer over lvl 90 complete quest for exp or grinding mob, over 140 you can go on Mondshine for exp with quest, when you reach 165+ you can exp on Tarian.
- When you reach level 100 you receive 1kkk gold (atm it's disabled, DEV add this system on this day)

If you have question/problem.. contact me by PM :)

Best Regard

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