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They are released in the environment by sneezing, coughing, talking, spitting, etc. Most of the time these respiratory droplets dry off. However, some bacteria are resistant to drying and can remain suspended in air for long period. Thus, when a healthy person inhales these droplets, it may lead to respiratory infection. Ingestion Gastrointestinal infections are usually caused by ingestion of the pathogens or their toxins. Thus, giving rise to different illnesses like waterborne, food-borne and hand-borne illnesses. These pathogens enter the gastrointestinal tract through the mouth and in some cases through the nose or eyes. Examples of diseases caused through ingestion include cholera, dysentery and food poisoning. Inoculation When bacteria is inoculated into the subcutaneous body tissue, it may lead to infection. For example, a deep wound may give a chance to Clostridium titanic a chance to cause a tetanus infection. Similarly, gangrene causing Blackhead Killer bacteria may also cause cellular death and tissue decay. Congenital Pathogens that are able to cross the placental barrier and infect the fetus in the uterus are called congenital infections. These infections can lead to congenital disorders in the baby. Factors that Lead to Bacterial Infection in Humans We have already understood the terms pathogen city and virulence. We have also understood the factors that give bacteria its virulence and the modes of transmission of a pathogenic bacteria. Adhesion As we have seen earlier, fimbriae or pile helps the bacteria to attach itself to the site of infection. This is called adhesion. This does not occur by chance, but a specific reaction helps in adhesion. The surface receptors on the epithelial cells and the adhesive structures (adhesions) on the bacterial surface are involved in this specific adhesion reaction. These adhesions are present on the fimbriae or fibrillate or pile. They contain the virulence factors that makes the bacterial strain virulent.

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