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This manual has been in publication since 1952 and is widely used in US while Britain and the rest of Europe follows the former code of classification provided by ICD. Both these syndrome-based classifications, list a range of mental health conditions for example the DSM IV lists around 300 of mental disorders. Along with this, the ICD-10 has included childhood disorders under two broad categories, Disorders of psychological children's behavioral and emotional problems development (F80−89) and Behavioral and Emotional Disorder with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence (F90−98). The DSM IV includes the childhood disorders under Axis I, Disruptive Behavior Disorder, Anxiety disorders of childhood or adolescence, eating disorders, tic disorders, elimination disorders and in Axis II under Pervasive developmental disorders. Here are a list of some common mental disorders in adults and children along with their definitions. List of Mental Disorders Anxiety Disorders Childhood Disorders Cognitive Disorders Dissociative Disorders Eating Disorders Impulse Control Disorder Mood PerformX Testo Disorders Organic Brain Disorders Personality Disorders Sexual Disorders Sleep Disorders Other Mental Disorders Anxiety Disorders Affecting around 40 million adults in America alone, anxiety disorders are extremely common and can affect anyone, be it adults or children. Unlike general bouts of anxiety once in a while, anxiety disorders are marked by extended periods of anxiety generally six months or more Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A person with generalized anxiety disorder has constant, excessive and irrational worry about anything be it family matters, money, relationships or work troubles. Fatigue, recurrent headaches, muscle aches, numbness of hands and feet, rashes, hot flashes and inability to control the anxiety are some of the common symptoms of this mental disorder Panic Disorder: A type of anxiety disorder that affects both adults and children, panic disorders lead to several, recurrent panic attacks.


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