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  • May 01, 2017 7:58 am
    Topic by Aafi Aas. Forum: General Discussion

    Evolution ensured that humans were well adapted to eat those types of foods, and their bodies were happy to receive them. It's only been in the last weight loss0,000 years, however, that humans have started to engage in agriculture, a technological and sociological development that has resulted in increased reliance on grains, legumes, and dairy — what are now Neolithic staples. Trouble is, our bodies haven't the foggiest idea what to do and these foods, and in some cases, they're actually toxic. Shockingly, it's been over these past weight loss0,000 years that humans have become significantly shorter, fatter, less muscular, and more prone to disease. It's this realization that has led some thinkers like Jared Diamond to proclaim that agriculture was the worst mistake our species Exo Slim has ever made. While it's been great for society as a whole, from a health perspective it's proven catastrophic for individuals. Consequently, a new approach to eating has emerged called the Paleolithic Diet, or simply "Paleo" for short. Advocates of this diet focus on eating unprocessed foods like lean meat, seafood, roots, tubers, fruits, and vegetables. Not only are these foods comprehensible to the human digestive system, they pack much more nutrition per calorie than typical Neolithic and processed foods. In terms of what not to eat, followers of the Paleo diet refrain from eating grains, legumes, and dairy — each of which contains toxic elements that our bodies have never had a chance to adapt to.

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