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  • VOTE!DateThu Mar 07, 2013 3:02 pm
    Forum post by [DEV]LikeToMove. Topic: VOTE!

    We are thinking about this idea: sadly most ppl have abnormal items that cause most send errors and/or unfairy game.
    Anyway we have a lot of new items/patches incoming :)
    And, as i said from the first moment, we will refund all you donators with all the cash you've donated.

    We are entering now into a new era of CrewLC. All players must know their own character, classes are re-calibrated and i want to implement a new funny and usefull system that gives you the opportunity to personalize your accessories and gain more stats points.

    New Contests, Events, Quests, Stuff, Pets.. but I don't want to say you all, you must discover it by yourself :)

  • [READ] Game rule'sDateSun Mar 03, 2013 2:00 am


    The Use of any type of hacks are NOT ALLOWED (this includes buying game gold or game items from third party sites or services).
    1st Offence= Permanent Ban.

    GameMaster or GameSage impersonation*FAKE*
    1st Offence= Permanent Ban.

    Scamming Players (For this report we need to see a video for proof)
    1st offense = permanent ban

    Spamming Hacks/Trainers/Gold Sites/Advertising another server
    1st offense = permanent ban

    Insults/Been Racist (You can choice to make a screenshot or video)
    1st offense = 3 days ban
    2nd offense= 7 days ban
    3rd offense = permanent ban

    1st offense = 3 days ban
    2nd offense= 7 days ban
    3rd offense = permanent ban

    Account WTS and WTB It’s allowed only for item/gold INGAME* (no real money)
    1st offense = permanent ban
    *WARNING! AT YOUR OWN RISK (the Staff don’t give back item/gold/account)

    [ESC] Bug to skip Skill animation is not allowed (For this report we need to see a video for proof)

    Bug abuse /Exploiting- The Use of a bug to get profit
    1st offense - Permanent Ban

    Insulting a member of Staff
    1st Offense = 15 days ban
    2nd Offense = 30 days ban
    3rd Offense = permanent ban

    Wall hugging not allowed (only on ARENA is allowed)
    1st offense = 7 days
    2nd offense = 14 days
    3rd Offense = permanent ban

    Experience or Fellowship exploit to receive unfair amount of exp.
    1st offense= Permanent ban


    Ignition is not allowed
    1st offense=7 days
    2nd offense= 30 days ban
    3rd offense = permanent ban

    Using fellowship is not allowed
    1st offense= 3 days ban
    2nd offense= 7 days ban
    3rd offense = permanent ban

    1st offense = permanent ban

    Pet Skill
    *Not Allowed*
    1st offense= 3 days ban
    2nd offense= 7 days ban
    3rd offense = permanent ban

    Keron Scrolls *Not Allowed*
    1st offense= 7 days ban
    2nd offense= 30 days ban
    3rd offense = permanent ban


    When his/her glow is disable he/she can play like normal player (he/she can play on arena, exp, drop, participate to CS, PK player, etc.. and the normal player can PK him/her, etc..)
    If u kill one GS when his/her glow is active u get banned
    1st offense= 7 days ban
    2nd offense = 15 days ban
    3rd offense= 30 days ban

    When is online it’s for help community, give buff, make event, etc..
    GM can’t have another account/char for play.
    GM can’t give you item or gear.
    1st Offense= Permanent ban (only with real proof)

    We are first person then player, so all respect all, any kind of verbal violence, racial comments, insults, threats, harassing, etc., will be punished on sight.
    Any kind of report must be made with valid evidence (video or screenshot).
    Don’t spam or open post “no-sense”

    All name/guild name violence, racial, insults, etc.. isn’t allowed, u have 2 choice: RENAME UR CHAR/GUILD, or TAKE BANN.


  • can i be HGS ?DateTue Feb 26, 2013 2:19 am
    Forum post by [DEV]LikeToMove. Topic: can i be HGS ?

    Don't open post like this in General Discussion.
    U can post ur application on the right section.

    Regard :)

  • Problem cashDateTue Feb 26, 2013 2:16 am
    Forum post by [DEV]LikeToMove. Topic: Problem cash

    Send me a PM for all detail.

    Regard :)

  • Can i join in your staff?DateTue Feb 26, 2013 2:13 am

    Don't open post like this on General Discussion.
    Post ur application in the right section.

    Regard :)

  • accesories bugDateTue Feb 26, 2013 12:59 am
    Forum post by [DEV]LikeToMove. Topic: accesories bug

    Send me a PM with one screen for proof and ur name on game.


  • [SOLVED]OpenAccesorieboy and get Titan c2 ShirtDateMon Feb 25, 2013 6:29 pm

    As i said to you, you need to get a SS and send to us (you can send me as pm too).
    Only if i see proof i can refund all players :)

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